bad ratings can come from not having atm at businessInadequate Convenience

Customers today have greater expectations than ever of businesses. One such convenience they want and expect from businesses is an ATM machine on-site; otherwise they will go elsewhere to find it and spend even more at another establishment that does offer it.

Installing an ATM at your business can attract more customers who prefer using cash. When people have cash on them, they’re likely to spend it at your place instead of going to a bank. This not only increases sales but also speeds up transactions, especially for grocery shoppers. If buying an ATM upfront is a financial challenge, BluePoint ATM Solutions offers leasing or partnership options for business owners.

Lost Revenue

At cash-dependent businesses such as bars, entertainment venues or transportation hubs, customers’ ability to spend is dependent on how much cash is in their pockets. Placing an ATM at these establishments increases average spending levels while simultaneously increasing revenue for the business.

Locating the ideal spot for an ATM machine is key to increasing profits. Look for areas with high traffic that offer lighting, security cameras and a safe environment for customers. 

Frustrated Customers

Customers value customer convenience, and having an ATM at your business can set you apart from competitors. Customers who come expecting an ATM but find none exist will likely leave unhappy – possibly telling others about their negative experience and harming your reputation in the process.

Being equipped with an ATM at your place of business can generate revenue through surcharge fees and convenience charges, offsetting its initial costs while drawing more customers through listing on online directories as a cash-friendly location.